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How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

blog header 5.3.17 - How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

The standard three-paragraph format for writing a LinkedIn summary is 1. Describe what you do 2. Share a few attributes 3. Have a call to action (“I’m looking for a new role…” or “Feel free to connect with me…”). I encourage more personality in LinkedIn profiles. Especially because increasingly hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn […]

Your Photo and Your Brand

Your photo and your brand

When I start working with a client, I take a look at their LinkedIn profile.  Not only does it help me get a sense of how they might be using LinkedIn, but it’s a sneak peek at how they’re presenting their brand. Do they have a professional headshot? Is their picture formal or more casual? […]

Personal Brand Audit

Personal Brand Audit

As a career coach, I get a ringside seat to great brands and so-so brands. But so do you – take your experience as a consumer and think about your favorite brands. What’s their emotional appeal?  Are they quirky?  Are they innovative?  Are they reliable? The brands that come to my mind:   Southwest Airlines is Quirky, […]

How to Match Your Personal Brand with Your Resume

Get your resume to the top of the pile

Jackson was really frustrated with his job search.  He knew something was off, but he couldn’t pinpoint it. You might identify with how he assessed his pros and cons related to his job search situation: Pros Great past working relationships. Interesting work history, thread is strategic partnerships and communications. Extensive professional network, but hasn’t been […]

8 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Brand

8 reasons you need a personal brand

I used to be skeptical about personal brands.  They felt contrived and a bit manipulative – and far too self-promotional for my liking.  I like to think of myself as discerning – I hate feeling like I’m being sold on anything.  I was wrong. Personal branding is just another way of saying that you’re clear […]

I Hear Your Brand Calling

I Hear Your Brand Calling

Shhhh… I hear your brand calling. More specifically, your professional reputation is whispering. If you hear “personal branding” and you immediately think bright, shiny and dazzling, you’re missing the whole point of branding. Branding is basic. Branding isn’t superficial. (Borrowing someone else’s brand, bedazzling it, and then calling it your own is superficial.) A strong […]

Off-Track Personal Brand: Case Study

Your personal brand

Here’s a case study of an off track personal brand: I know someone who is a great salesperson. She is masterful at developing relationships and asking for business. She has a lot of experience, is passionate about her work, and can work a room with grace and style. Her clients see her as a strong […]