Your Photo and Your Brand

Your photo and your brandWhen I start working with a client, I take a look at their LinkedIn profile.  Not only does it help me get a sense of how they might be using LinkedIn, but it’s a sneak peek at how they’re presenting their brand.

  • Do they have a professional headshot?
  • Is their picture formal or more casual?
  • Are there any clues about their brand from their surroundings?
  • And when I meet them in person for the first time – do they look like their LinkedIn photo?

All of these answers provide some interesting clues to help me understand my clients and their brands.   (And if you’re not convinced you absolutely, positively need a photo on LinkedIn, watch my webinar. I insist.)

A well-done headshot can help you feel more confident about how you’re presenting yourself.

Just Google “how to choose LinkedIn photo” and you can read article after article on everything from why to avoid black and white photos to the ideal photo dimensions.

I’m sharing this article with you because it covers my top three never/no way/avoid-at-all-costs LinkedIn photo mistakes:

  1. “cheese” (number 9),
  2. “deep in thought” (number 10) and
  3. “multiple person” (number 5) shots — and that includes pets, folks — poses.

There’s even a service – – that analyzes your photos (honestly, I’m not kidding you) and will tell you how smart, likable, fun or trustworthy your photo is compared to average.   Photos are a big deal.  Got it?

Getting professional headshots is an investment – and if your career isn’t worth investing in, well, we should talk.  A well-done headshot can help you feel more confident about how you’re presenting yourself. But how do you get the most out of this investment?

I thought we could all use a little more info about this so I asked Holly Seeber, a super fun and talented Portland-based photographer, to offer her thoughts on the little details — everything from location to clothing to grooming.  You can check out her suggestions for professional portraits here.

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