Questions I Get Asked ALL THE TIME aka FAQs


How does coaching work?

Well, it’s magic, and I can’t really discuss the details in a public forum. Kidding!

My coaching philosophy is that you have the answers that are most valuable and relevant to your life. I’m here to ask you questions, help guide you and provide expertise (and even straight-up advice) when needed.   I will also work to help you keep true to your values, overcome obstacles and help you stay on track to get the results you want. The coaching structure is one of support, to help you focus and achieve the outcomes you desire. As the client, you bring the agenda to the coaching session. The more specific of an agenda you bring, the greater the value you’ll receive.

Isn’t Personal Branding a fad?  Shouldn’t I pay more attention to just making sure my experience and skills are top-notch?

Well, your personal brand is your professional reputation, and reputations never go out of style.   Your personal brand is how others’ experience you — and we know that you can be great at what you do,  but that’s not always enough to help you stand out in today’s job market.  In my experience, a strong personal brand reflects your marketability. The skills, experience, values, personality pluses and special expertise that you bring to the table.  As I tell my clients — what makes you unique, also makes you most marketable.  I help my clients get a clear view of what’s most marketable about themselves.  As a result, they tend to attract the right opportunities and enjoy their work more too.

You charge more than other career coaches. What’s up with that?

I haven’t checked recently, but you could very well be correct. I charge a fair market price for my expertise. I’m not a fit with everyone, and I walk the talk about personal branding and being crystal clear about my strengths, and what’s unique about what I offer. That’s why I don’t just write resumes or just do executive coaching. My services reflect what I do best and how I get the best results with clients.

Do you have an industry or a profession expertise?

No. I’ve worked with doctors and lawyers, but sadly, no Native American chiefs. (I’m here if you need me!) What makes careers so interesting to me is understanding how different industries and professions fit together/cross over and intersect. Also, not having a specialty keeps my learning about my client’s stories and industries fresh. I also have a soft spot for hard-to-fit individuals and liberal arts graduates. My undergraduate major was Sociology.

My son/daughter needs help. Can you coach them?

Have them take a look at my website, or, for a more subtle approach, send them one of my blog posts. If they’re interested, they can contact me. If not, don’t panic. They’ll eventually figure things out. In the meantime, here’s something you might need to hear… “It’s OK.”

Do you have a secret website that only clients have access to?  I noticed there’s “Client Log in” on your main website and I’d like to get access.

Yes – I’ve developed a private client site where my clients can access my calendar, communicate with me, prepare for our coaching sessions, and access all of the resources I’ve developed to help them get focused, nail their brand, market themselves and land the opportunity they really want.  It’s full of worksheets, scripts, cheat sheet, templates and stuff I use everyday with my clients.  I’d love to give you access – all it takes is for us to work together.  Check out Work With Me if you want your backstage pass.

I hate networking.

OK, this really isn’t a question, but clients confess to me that they assume I don’t understand about their reluctance to network, because clearly, I’m an extrovert.

Gotcha! I’m naturally an introvert. I much prefer one-on-one networking, and the enthusiasm and energy they experience from me is simply a reflection of how much I love helping others with their careers. (Truth be told, I love networking. I’ve just learned how to do it in an authentic and natural way that works for me.)

Can you help me find a job?

If you mean will I act as a recruiter/headhunter on your behalf, no. Absolutely not. If you mean “Can you help me market myself so I can be successful in my job search?” Yes… seeing as you put it so nicely. I’ll help you avoid the pitfalls that many job seekers fall into, and I’ll help you figure out what will work best for you, given your unique situation. We might even break a few job search rules too.

OK, I’m ready to meet with you. What should I do now?

Select how you’d like to work together. I’ll walk you through all the next steps so you get access to my private client site, complete the necessary homework and schedule an appointment. It’s pretty seamless and can be done online.