Bright and talented — You need a career that fits

How to identify your natural aptitudes, blend your interests and personality and find career options that uniquely fit you.

YouScience® is a revolutionary assessment that assesses your natural aptitudes, personality and interests and matches your strengths to career options – so you make better career decisions.

YouScience® is perfect if you’re:

    • Wondering what your career options are, based on what you naturally do well.
    • Feeling uneasy about the direction your career is headed – it just doesn’t fit you.
    • Tired of feeling drained and uninspired at work.
    • Returning to the world of work but you don’t know what direction makes the most sense.
    • You’re a new graduate feeling overwhelmed with where to start your career search.

Most other career assessment match career options to just interests and personality. YouScience® is the only online assessment that measures aptitudes – your natural abilities with a scientifically-valid approach. You will gain an understanding about what makes you tick and why you excel in certain areas and how to leverage those aptitudes by selecting careers that fit what you naturally do well.

What you’ll get with YouScience®:

    • Access to the in-depth online assessment tool – which takes about 2 ½ hours to complete (you can take breaks in between exercises).
    • A 40+ page report showing how your interests, personality and aptitudes intersect – and what this means for career choice.
    • Descriptions and examples about your natural aptitudes that you can use during job interviews and to help you target specific jobs and organizations.
    • More than 500+ career recommendations based on your combined aptitude and interest results.
    • Detailed career information about career matches such as salaries, projected job openings, licensing and more.

View YouScience® Sample Report

Here’s what my clients have said about YouScience®:

The results opened up a whole new career area that I’m exploring. What’s funny is that it’s a field I considered as a high school senior but decided against it during my freshman year at college. Now I have a much better understanding why it’s a good fit for me.

I had to return to work after a divorce but I didn’t want to go back to doing what I had done before I stayed home with my family. The work paid well but it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. Now I’ve got direction and I’m excited to see how things turn out.

Get the 40+ page report plus and one-on-one coaching
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