Success | Resume Revamp

Success! Resume Revamp

Woo-hoo! I love giving constructive feedback and suggestions on how to make your resume more effective, so thanks for this opportunity to work with you on yours. I’m going to need you to do a few things:

  1. Connect with me on LinkedIn.
  2. Send me a copy of your resume. Email it to stacey (at) with your name in the subject line
  3. Send me at least three target job descriptions. Please don’t send me links as the live links/information can disappear faster than catnip at my house. Instead, please cut and paste them into an email and send to me directly.
  4. Book an appointment for the resume revamp (see below).

If you’ve applied for any jobs and were shocked you didn’t get an interview, send me one or two of those job descriptions too. I want to give you as many specific suggestions for improvement that I can.

Here’s my timeline: Once I receive all of your material, make an appointment with me. An in-person appointment at my office in downtown Portland or, by phone.

If, for any reason, I need some additional information, I will be in touch.

Sound good? Perfect. Let’s get your resume revamped and ready to rock!