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LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Job Seekers

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Job Seekers


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LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Job Seekers


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As a career coach, I invest a lot of resources (both time and money) staying on top of LinkedIn’s features so I can help my clients use LinkedIn to their benefit. So save yourself some time (and mistakes!) and learn what I’ve discovered so you can either get started in using LinkedIn for your search, or learn how to use it more effectively.

You’ll learn:

  • How to finesse LinkedIn introductions (and what to say so you don’t get ignored/feel like a stalker).
  • Behind-the-scenes tips so you make use of the latest features/improvements.
  • How to manage an under-the-radar job search if you’re currently employed.
  • Creative ways to use status updates.
  • If a LinkedIn account upgrade is worth the investment.
  • The magical powers of LinkedIn searches.

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Job Seekers is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve got a LinkedIn profile, but you don’t really know how to best utilize it.
  • You’re new to the job market and need to know how to use LinkedIn for a job search.
  • You’re worried about making some newbie mistakes while you learn.
  • You suspect there’s more you could be using LinkedIn to do to help your job search.

“Thanks for all your help with my LinkedIn profile. As you know, I had a lot of resistance around getting more visible on LinkedIn (my boss doesn’t know I’m looking!). Even though I knew I needed to get current and manage my profile, I wasn’t convinced it would that valuable. I’m happy to admit I was wrong – no more resistance! I not only got a call out-of-the-blue from a recruiter, it’s been so easy for me to use it to reach out to contacts.”~ Talent Development Director, Professional Services

“You have a great ability to not only deliver career related information, but also to deliver and communicate in a confidence boosting manner. Your attitude is always positive and you encouraged me to truly peel back the layers and to look at everything. Many things that I overlooked, you paid attention to and those pieces of information helped to shape the resume, interview question responses and so on.” ~ Director of Marketing

Career Coach & ConsultingStacey is a nationally recognized career coach who helps individuals with unique backgrounds figure out where they fit, how to market themselves and find a career that’s as interesting as they are. She works with smart, talented individuals from around the country on everything from networking to personal branding. Known for her candid career guidance, her advice has appeared in local and national publications.

Stacey lives and works in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Scott, and two orange cats (she’s a dog person too). She is fond of all things Canadian, happy hours and riding her motorcycle.