Congrats – You’re Signed Up!

Congratulations… You now have access to my Career Webinar series.

To watch one of the recorded videos below, just click on the video you’d like to watch and use the password “RockYourCareer” (case sensitive – same password for all videos).  Don’t worry if you can’t watch all of the webinars now, I’ll be sending you an email with these links too (so keep it handy!) Here are the webinars you can access. Password = RockYourCareer (case sensitive):

Reinvent Yourself: It IS possible to reinvent without starting over. (30 minute webinar Q&A session)

Powerful Cover Letters:  How to write a great cover letter even if you aren’t a great writer (30 minute webinar + Q&A session)

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Job Seekers: How to make the most of LinkedIn in your job search. (30 minute webinar + Q&A session)
LinkedIn Makeovers: Learn how to optimize your profile and write a great profile summary.  (30 minute webinar + Q&A session)
Use your personal brand to make your resume stand out. Resume Makeovers:  From Blah to Branded.(30 minute webinar)
Ready to Attract Your Perfect Job (Perfect for You)? Learn how others seems to attract the perfect job, every time.
If you’re looking for career options – get the What Else Can I Do? Five strategies to help you find some amazing new career options.

I’ll also be sending you information about new webinars and other tips, resources to help you with your career – so stay tuned. Be sure to email me at stacey (at) if there’s anything I can help you with. Warmly, Stacey