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How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

blog header 5.3.17 - How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

The standard three-paragraph format for writing a LinkedIn summary is 1. Describe what you do 2. Share a few attributes 3. Have a call to action (“I’m looking for a new role…” or “Feel free to connect with me…”). I encourage more personality in LinkedIn profiles. Especially because increasingly hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn […]

How to Introduce Yourself to a Stranger on LinkedIn

Introducing yourself to a stranger on LinkedIn

Is it creepy or weird to introduce yourself to someone on LinkedIn? I don’t think so. It’s public – and, isn’t that the point of being on LinkedIn anyway – to grow your professional network? It should go without saying that every single LinkedIn connection request should be personalized. (I know you know that.) Beware […]

Your Photo and Your Brand

Your photo and your brand

When I start working with a client, I take a look at their LinkedIn profile.  Not only does it help me get a sense of how they might be using LinkedIn, but it’s a sneak peek at how they’re presenting their brand. Do they have a professional headshot? Is their picture formal or more casual? […]

5 Networking Opportunities You May Be Missing

Networking Opportunities You're Missing

Networking opportunities are all around you. Let’s explore some that you may not have thought of… One:  Focusing on networking “events” and not networking “moments” Networking moments are all around us, and happily, for us introverts, many of them are one-on-one and not just in large groups of strangers. Set some networking moment goals for […]

I’m Introducing You, Not Endorsing You


I blogged about awkward LinkedIn invitations and it was my most shared blog post ever.  Wonder if it has anything to do with the Kelly Blazek fiasco that happened around that same time?  You know, the Cincinnati-based, self-professed mentor who wrote a scathing response to a LinkedIn request.  Epic fail in the career karma department […]

Should I Accept All LinkedIn Requests?

Should I accept all LinkedIn connections?

A thoughtful colleague of mine posed this question and suggested it might be a good blog topic.  Then last week I got a LinkedIn request from someone with a very “interesting” profile that left me in the “should I accept the request?” quandary.  Then one of my personal branding clients was wondering if her approach […]