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Are Cover Letters Old School?

blog header 7.7.17 Are Cover Letters Old School

At a recent breakfast meeting with HR professionals, as we waited with coffee in hand for the program to start, I asked the recruiters and hiring managers sitting at my table about their perspectives on cover letters. Here’s what I learned: If there’s something that needs to be explained—perhaps a gap in employment or why […]

How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

blog header 5.3.17 - How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

The standard three-paragraph format for writing a LinkedIn summary is 1. Describe what you do 2. Share a few attributes 3. Have a call to action (“I’m looking for a new role…” or “Feel free to connect with me…”). I encourage more personality in LinkedIn profiles. Especially because increasingly hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn […]

Try on the Hiring Manager’s Hat

Try on the hiring manager's hat

In talking with a couple of hiring managers this week, we got on the topic of marketing materials. I heard the good, the bad and the ugly. The good?  A cover letter from an under-qualified candidate that landed him an interview. You see, he’d done his homework and realized that his background in construction operations […]

Choosing the Right Words


Nothing thrills me more than when I’m working with a client and they exclaim “Hold on. Let me write that down. That’s the perfect way to say that.”  I love nailing something – whether it be with words or timing. It isn’t that I have something special with words.  I just listen carefully and intuitively. […]

Don’t Make Others Work Too Hard

what is your story question

< Like when trying to figure out someone’s “career story.” There are times when I just start to zone out… I’ll be looking at a LinkedIn profile and before I know it, I’m deep into reading an article and I can’t even remember whose LinkedIn profile I was viewing. This also happens during networking events […]

The Worst Cover Letter Ever

Businessman playing.

There’s been an interesting thread in one of my LinkedIn groups about a cover letter (The Daily Muse: 7/16/12) written by a recent grad promoting himself. Lots of professionals weighing in on whether they’d interview him based on the cover letter. My unscientific analysis — 70% turned off, 30% intrigued. The style is cheesy and […]