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Lay of the Land – Hiring Insights


I’m seeing some interesting trends through my clients’ experiences, and after being interviewed for a trade magazine article about the current hiring landscape, I’m curious to see if these insights resonate with you. (Note to self: Get better about posting links to my interviews) The candidate with the most experience doesn’t always get the job. […]

Discomfort Means You’re on the Edge of a Break-Through

Discomfort = Edge of a Break-Through

There’s so much that’s uncomfortable about this whole career thing.  Facing rejection as you interview, embarrassing yourself when networking, coming across as a desperate job seeker, having to ask your network for help, being unclear about your career direction when you think everyone else is clear, or desiring a career reinvention but being unsure about […]

Don’t Do What I Did

Believe In Yourself

I get random requests from people who want to do what I do.  I’m usually flattered.  Always unsure about what they want to REALLY know.  The request goes something like this:  “I want to do what you do.  Tell me how to do it.” My immediate response is either “Don’t do what I did!  Don’t […]

Why Everyone Should Have a Job They Hate

A Job They Hate

My office is near the main library. There is at least one canvasser camped out at the bottom of the elegant library steps trying to get me, while I’m running errands at lunch, to sign his/her petition. “Can I talk to you about saving dolphins?” or, “You look like someone who cares about making our […]