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Lay of the Land – Hiring Insights


I’m seeing some interesting trends through my clients’ experiences, and after being interviewed for a trade magazine article about the current hiring landscape, I’m curious to see if these insights resonate with you. (Note to self: Get better about posting links to my interviews) The candidate with the most experience doesn’t always get the job. […]

The Best Job Interview Answer for “Why This Job?”

Job Interview Question - Why This Job

“Why THIS job?” This will be one of the most important questions you’ll be asked during a job interview. That’s right. One of the most important. Why? Because your answer gives the employer a lot of information: How well you’ve researched their needs, how much you know about their organization and how they work, if […]

4 Job Interview Realities You Need to Know

4 Job Interview Realities You Need to Know

With the job market improving, more and more clients are interviewing. Woo-hoo, right? Sure. But the number of head-scratching, often confusing interview experiences my clients are experiencing has increased too. Here are some examples: There was the client who faced open hostility from the hiring manager who asked two questions during the 30 minute interview. […]

Who Are You Bringing to Your Job Interview?

Who is showing up for your interview?

I’m on fire about job interviews. I’ve recently had an epiphany about how we approach interviews that I should probably share with you. Maybe it will help change the way you approach your next job interview – and help you land that job. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had a client […]

Informational Interviews: Lessons Learned

Informational Interview

Who loves informational interviews?  Me!  So much so, I created a YouTube video about them.  My clients rarely hear me refer to them as informational interviews because “making connections” is a more accurate description of what these interviews are all about. If you’re just interviewing someone for information, you’re missing a key piece of what […]

Go Ahead and Ask about Salary

Arm Wrestling Over Salary

I’m revising my advice about when to bring up the subject of salary. It used to be wait until the job offer was extended, or until the potential employer brought the subject up. This advice was based on a couple of key assumptions: 1.  You disclosed your salary history during the online application process. 2.  […]

Land the Plane

Hand playing with a real jet plane

When I coach someone on interviewing, I focus on what they’re saying (content) as well as how they’re saying it (delivery). We review specifics – everything from specific examples they’re using during the interview to their choice of words. Little things count during an interview. And one of the main issues clients want to work […]