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Lay of the Land – Hiring Insights


I’m seeing some interesting trends through my clients’ experiences, and after being interviewed for a trade magazine article about the current hiring landscape, I’m curious to see if these insights resonate with you. (Note to self: Get better about posting links to my interviews) The candidate with the most experience doesn’t always get the job. […]

How Long Will My Job Search Take?

How long will my job search take

In the second of a 3-part series about what I, as a Career Coach, get asked all the time, this blog post features the question: “How long will my job search take?”  (Link to the 1st part of the series) (Link to the 3rd part of the series) When I get asked by my clients how […]

The Elusive Pursuit of Passion

Elusive Pursuit of Passion in Your Career

For some reason, summer always makes me think about passion.  Maybe it’s the hot temperatures and all of the fun summer memories from my childhood – tent camping in the backyard, riding my bicycle to the unheated public swimming pool for 7:00 a.m. lessons (I kid you not!) and eating homemade popcorn out of a […]

Three Things I Wish Everyone Knew about Today’s Job Market

3 Things I Wish People Knew About the Job Market

One: You can’t outsource your job search.  Not to your friends, colleagues or a former boss. Not to a recruiter, head hunter or career services professional.  Even though these well-meaning individuals may offer you encouragement and connections, the truth is that you’re going to have to “work it” by doing research, targeting the right opportunities […]

What’s Wrong with the Job Market?


What’s wrong with the job candidate/hiring equation?  (Hint:  It’s out of whack)  We talk about how employers have gotten spoiled.  The job market shifted and it’s referred to an “employers’ job market” right now.  Lots of applicants for few positions – on average, 200 applicants for every open position.  A perfect over-supply, limited demand situation […]

Bad Job Search Advice

Bad Job Search Advice

< Received a message from a concerned father. His son had graduated almost a year ago and still had not found employment. Dad described his son as a “stellar business major with great leadership experience.” For the most part, I love working with new college grads, and unlike others, I find them to be refreshingly […]