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Three Things I Wish Everyone Knew about Today’s Job Market

3 Things I Wish People Knew About the Job Market

One: You can’t outsource your job search.  Not to your friends, colleagues or a former boss. Not to a recruiter, head hunter or career services professional.  Even though these well-meaning individuals may offer you encouragement and connections, the truth is that you’re going to have to “work it” by doing research, targeting the right opportunities […]

5 Networking Opportunities You May Be Missing

Networking Opportunities You're Missing

Networking opportunities are all around you. Let’s explore some that you may not have thought of… One:  Focusing on networking “events” and not networking “moments” Networking moments are all around us, and happily, for us introverts, many of them are one-on-one and not just in large groups of strangers. Set some networking moment goals for […]

I’m Introducing You, Not Endorsing You


I blogged about awkward LinkedIn invitations and it was my most shared blog post ever.  Wonder if it has anything to do with the Kelly Blazek fiasco that happened around that same time?  You know, the Cincinnati-based, self-professed mentor who wrote a scathing response to a LinkedIn request.  Epic fail in the career karma department […]

Networking and Karma

yin yang

So much is written about how to network, especially if you’re looking for work. But this blog isn’t about how to be a better networker — it’s about why you need to be a GREAT networking contact for others. There’s a natural order to networking too – the “hunter” or the “hunted.” The “giver” or […]