Google Tip

I’m always on the lookout for career resources. One recent find is Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters by Levinson & Perry. One of the tips I picked up was how to use Google more effectively. I thought I was a pretty efficient Google-er, but I’ve been trying their suggestions and they’ve really worked.

If you’re in an active job search, use this tip to find jobs that aren’t posted on the main sites (monster, indeed, hotjobs, careeerbuilder, etc.):

  • Use Google’s “Advanced Search” (use the blue search box)
  • “with all of the words”: Put the key words (or if you use an exact title, make sure you put quotes around the title) of the position you’re looking for, e.g. project manager, and the words resume and submit, for example: project manager resume submit
  • “with the exact phrase“: Put your area code (e.g. 503)
  • “with at least one of the words”: leave blank
  • without the words”: put free

What you’ll get (make sure you exclude the word “free”) are sites that have project manager jobs but aren’t ads for resume-submitting businesses.

Alrighty then, my little public service job is done for today. Google on!