Do These Pants Make Me Look…??

You put on a new outfit. You look in the mirror. You turn. You stand on your toes. You bend over. Something’s not right, yet you can’t put your finger on it. Color? Cut? Texture? Something’s not working. But you’re alone – there’s no one else around to ask. You’d consider asking your dog’s opinion, but she thinks everything looks great. And the cat, well… you’re not sure you really want his opinion.

What do you do? Do you just wear it but feel uncomfortable all day? Put on one of your tried-and-true outfits? Wear it and hope no one notices? If only you could ask someone else, you just know they’d be able to pinpoint the obvious. You can’t see it, no matter how hard you look.

Your personal brand is like this. The blind spots we have about our strengths and weaknesses. That’s why it helps to get feedback from others. Others can ascertain subtle things about you. It’s one thing to be able to notice it, but articulating it – finding the right words – is another thing. Some people can do it easily (I try and do this for my clients), but it takes practice. Start to notice the distinctive qualities about others, and it will help you discover your own unique “brand” too.