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Are Cover Letters Old School?

blog header 7.7.17 Are Cover Letters Old School

At a recent breakfast meeting with HR professionals, as we waited with coffee in hand for the program to start, I asked the recruiters and hiring managers sitting at my table about their perspectives on cover letters. Here’s what I learned: If there’s something that needs to be explained—perhaps a gap in employment or why […]

The Elusive Pursuit of Passion

Elusive Pursuit of Passion in Your Career

For some reason, summer always makes me think about passion.  Maybe it’s the hot temperatures and all of the fun summer memories from my childhood – tent camping in the backyard, riding my bicycle to the unheated public swimming pool for 7:00 a.m. lessons (I kid you not!) and eating homemade popcorn out of a […]

8 New Career Rules You Can’t Ignore

8 new career rules you can't ignore

How is it that you see other professionals in your field or in other fields that just seem to attract new job opportunities, without really trying? Maybe they know something that you don’t?  If you haven’t been “out there” looking for a new step in your career in a while… stay tuned because things have […]