The Hiring Cycle – What’s Average?

It’s so easy to get discouraged when you’re in an active job search and it seems like the average new hire cycle is about a year, in dog years.

The hiring cycle is the length of the hiring process – how long it takes between when the job is posted and when the position is filled.

How long does it typically take? A lot longer than you think it should! I’ve seen it been as short as a week, or as long as a year. Yes, a year. What I notice is that the typical cycle isn’t getting shorter, but longer. In some ways, this is surprising, given the increased use of technology and tools by employers to manage the recruitment process.

The hiring process is still a very “human touch” process, and with increased workloads, it makes sense that even when it’s a priority, hiring is just one of many things that hiring managers must juggle on their already-full plates. Keeping it in perspective is key.

If you’re experiencing anxiety or frustration about the length of the hiring process, try this: Really rev up your search efforts. Keep it fresh and active. Set up “check in” reminders to follow-up with organizations you’ve interviewed with, but don’t ignore new opportunities.

And finally, relax a bit. It takes 56 days, on average, to hire a new IT employee, and 87 days to hire a new manager. (source: Robert Half Technology survey)