Going Back to School?

Confused about your career direction?

Please! I implore you… do not go back to school if you are seriously confused about your career!!!

Oh, I know it’s seductive. The degree you already have doesn’t really apply to the field that you’re in, so maybe an advanced degree in another field will help you define your goals.

Going back to school becomes your new career goal. It feels like you’re doing something productive. It’s a specific action that you can check off your to-do list. But, I can assure you that going back to school is not likely to help you get any clearer about your career goals.

60% of my clients have an advanced degree. 60% of them have more than one advanced degree. Many confess they wish they would have spent more time figuring out what they wanted to do – career planning – rather than going back to school. Once they define their career goals, they often realize they didn’t need the additional education. Ouch!

Check out your motivation for wanting to go back to school. Do the due diligence on the front end so you’re making the best decision for your situation. Work with a career coach to help you define your goals.