Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

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The email arrives in your in-box at 3:45 on a Friday afternoon. “After ten years of wonderful service to our organization, Madison Hall’s last day of employment will be June 20th. She will be exploring other career opportunities and we wish her well in her pursuits.” Opps. Was she fired? Did she leave voluntarily? Is she Tweeting about it? Is there anything on Facebook yet?

Maybe this has happened to you. You weren’t exactly fired but they didn’t send you away with a gold watch and a thank you bonus either. It was more of a mutual “parting of the ways”.

How do you answer the “Why did you leave your last position?” question during an interview. Answer the question as directly as possible but don’t give too much information. Don’t throw anyone under the bus and keep your emotions in check. Oh, and here’s something to think about — in my opinion, saying that there was a clash of personalities is throwing someone, most likely your former boss, under the bus. Tell the truth. Be candid but don’t say too much.