The Office

I love The Office on NBC. If you haven’t watched it, it’s a mockumentary set in an office. In a company that sells paper (fabulously un-sexy, eh?). The staff are the show’s stars: The inappropriate boss who shares his love life with everyone (Michael), the young staffer who talks and talks and talks (Kelly), the bitter, sarcastic, eye-rolling middle-aged man (Stanley), and the over-zealous uber assistant manager (Dwight).

So why do I love The Office? Because I’ve worked with every character in the show. From the awkward HR representative who couldn’t relate to people, to the alcoholic project manager (I guess it helped her creativity), to the prissy and uptight accounting manager. I can name someone that I’ve worked with (but won’t!) who is so similar to one of The Office characters. I relate to them all.

And, I miss them all. Although I love working for myself, I miss the on-the-job humor that can make work so much fun at times. The Office reminds me how much fun colleagues can have together and how sharing a laugh or two can carry the day. The comradery of smart, humorous and hard-working coworkers… ahhh, I miss that energy.

Which brings me to the career point of this… workplace dysfunction is everywhere. No matter where you go, you’ll find something that’s not-quite-right. Just a fact-o-life. Now don’t say I didn’t warn you!