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How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

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The standard three-paragraph format for writing a LinkedIn summary is 1. Describe what you do 2. Share a few attributes 3. Have a call to action (“I’m looking for a new role…” or “Feel free to connect with me…”). I encourage more personality in LinkedIn profiles. Especially because increasingly hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn […]

How to Match Your Personal Brand with Your Resume

Get your resume to the top of the pile

Jackson was really frustrated with his job search.  He knew something was off, but he couldn’t pinpoint it. You might identify with how he assessed his pros and cons related to his job search situation: Pros Great past working relationships. Interesting work history, thread is strategic partnerships and communications. Extensive professional network, but hasn’t been […]

Off-Track Personal Brand: Case Study

Your personal brand

Here’s a case study of an off track personal brand: I know someone who is a great salesperson. She is masterful at developing relationships and asking for business. She has a lot of experience, is passionate about her work, and can work a room with grace and style. Her clients see her as a strong […]

You, the Brand

I did a workshop a few weeks ago about job interviewing. And when I talked about the importance of making sure that your interview is consistent with your personal brand, I had several blank looks from workshop participants. What can I tell you about branding that you don’t already know? From a career coach perspective, […]

“Plays well with others” Factor

Think the interview is all about impressing them with your skills and experience? Think again. More and more companies are hiring with “the likeability factor” in mind – the right credentials and the right personality. In an Associated Press article in November 2007, one company admitted to putting candidates through a full-day of interviews. Their […]