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How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

blog header 5.3.17 - How to Write a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

The standard three-paragraph format for writing a LinkedIn summary is 1. Describe what you do 2. Share a few attributes 3. Have a call to action (“I’m looking for a new role…” or “Feel free to connect with me…”). I encourage more personality in LinkedIn profiles. Especially because increasingly hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn […]

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Your Job Search Sweet Spot

I’ve had a blast doing some resume makeover webinars lately – so much so that I’m doing a new webinar on LinkedIn profile makeovers later this month. Now, explaining how to incorporate a personal brand into a resume (or LinkedIn profile) can be tricky —   It’s a fairly nebulous concept to explain.  So I decided […]

Is Your LinkedIn Summary Stuffed or Human?

Your LinkedIn Summary

Woo-hoo, let’s look at LinkedIn summaries — get right to business.  Your LinkedIn summary is 2000 characters of opportunity (or chocolately deliciousness, if you will)   Why?  Because you get to create your summary – nothing is filled in for you – so you can tell your career story in an authentic, interesting way.  If you […]

Successful LinkedIn Headlines (And Some Basics for You to Improve Yours)


Let’s start with your headline in LinkedIn.  I started this blog writing about the summary section because I thought Headlines were self-explanatory.  Step back.  Regroup.  I can’t overlook Headlines, in all good conscience.  They are super important when it comes to branding and positioning.  So I’m writing all about headlines with the promise that the […]

Resumes vs. LinkedIn Profiles

What's the Difference

I started this blog post a few weeks ago.  In one week, I had basically the exact same “LinkedIn versus resume” conversation with almost everyone that I met.  Note to self:  When you have the same conversation more than once, it usually means you have a blog topic at hand. One of the people I […]