Don’t Be One of “Them”

Just last week, I had two new clients who came to see me out of sheer frustration with their bosses. Both have decided to move on. I cringe every time it happens, because the employees usually don’t want to leave, they just see it as their only option.

The specifics of my new clients’ situations are very different, but there are plenty of similarities too:

  • Not being recognized for their contribution
  • Not getting sufficient direction or having clear goals defined
  • Having to manage an authoritarian management/leadership style
  • Not getting credit for above-and-beyond accomplishments
  • Being micro-managed (although this definition varies from individual to individual, I’ve noticed!)

If you’ve been in the world of work for a while, you’ve encountered a poor manager. What’s so ironic to me is that their managers probably have no clue that they’re so ineffective. If you’re a manager and this is hitting home, get some outside help to help you build your management skills. Hire a coach for some intensive one-on-one support. You’ll feel better, and your employees will be more grateful than you’ll ever know.

Don’t be one of them: 92% of managers rate their office performance as excellent or good. Only 67% of their employees agree. (Source: NYC-based Hudson recruiting firm).