Brand: Stacey

Come on, admit it… aren’t you just a wee bit curious about how people see you? What would they say about you if it were completely anonymous? And not just your colleagues, but friends, mentors and clients?

A while ago, I went looking for a tool that I could use with clients to help them gather feedback that they could use to help manage their career (whether it be a career change, a new industry, a new resume, or whatever). Traditional 360 tools just weren’t cutting it. I needed something that was less focused on just professional skills – and more intuitive and innovative. I found what I was looking for – 360Reach ( It’s a really powerful tool to help you see things about yourself that others see. The things that make you unique – and define you as “you”. You can just do the assessment on your own – but the real juice and substance is in having someone help you interpret the results.

Want to know my results? Here are the attributes that my clients, colleagues, and friends used to describe me:
– supportive
– savvy
– authentic
– enterprising
– connected
– fun