American Idol

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m enjoying this season of AI. I’ve never watched it before, despite all of the promotion and its huge fan base. It’s pure entertainment after a long day!

What I particularly love is how the judges try and coach the contestants to improve each week – either pointing out what’s working for them, or what they need to improve on. It’s so funny for me, as a coach, to observe how they handle this.

Last night, Simon nailed a perfect, spot-on coaching question when he asked one of the contestants, Stephanie Edwards, “How do you think you did?” What a great coaching question! She had to stop and reflect on her own performance. It was a risky question for her to answer too – how should you answer it when you’re not sure if the judges loved it or hated it?

This is exactly why I think coaching is so effective for people – it helps them take a step back to reflect on how they’re really doing.